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    About Us

    Vision and Mission

    PakistanRadio.Net is a Web Based Radio Station. It is Non-Profitable, Non-Commercial and Non-Political Internet radio channel, Run by the Team of Patriotic & Dedicated Volunteers. Our Prime Objective is to Introduce the Soft & Positive Image of Islamic Republic Of Pakistan Globally. We struggle to Promote Inter-Faith Harmony for Entire Humanity & Inter-Sect Harmony for Entire Muslim Ummah.

    Our Motto

    Our Slogan & Motto is:

    Humari Pehchan Pakistan “Proud to Be Pakistani”

    . Or

    “Pakistan is Our Identity”

    . We strive to make “PAKISTAN” Corruption free, Social justice based, Peacefully sustainable and Economically Progressive Sovereign Welfare Islamic state of the world. We Firmly Support & Stand with the Armed Forces of Pakistan & Other Law Enforcement Agencies to Eliminate Terrorism in all Forms, Shapes, Means & Disguises. We Strongly discourage all Groups and Individuals, who promote or propagate sentiments against the Ideology of Islamic Republic Of Pakistan, It’s Armed Forces or State itself by any mediums including Electronic, Print or Social Media.

    What We Do?

    PakistanRadio.Net provides a Platform to all Pakistanis to Step Forward and become the Tool or Source of Optimism & Positive change in our society. We have deep Faith and Believe that Islamic Republic Of Pakistan will Excel and cross all the obstacles according to the Glad tidings by Saints and Spiritual Personalities. PakistanRadio.net does not promote any Political agenda and support any Political party. PakistanRadio.Net does not target or humiliate any institution of the motherland but identify the loop holes & gray areas of that particular institution & table solution for the problems. Pakistanradio.net Broadcast Documentaries, Patriotic Songs, Entertainment Programs, Security & Defense Analysis, Kids Programs, Historical Dramas, Vocal Novels, Interviews, Islamic Lectures, Naats, Live Shows on different Topics, Public Service messages & many more…

    We Respect Copyright

    PakistanRadio.net does not Broadcast any Copyrighted content without the permission of the producer or distributor.